Alcohol-Based Sanitizers vs Alcohol-Free Sanitizers: Why Alcohol-Based Is The Better Option | Buy Commercial Skin Sanitizers

We all want to choose the best health options for ourselves and our family, especially in these unpredictable times. We go that extra mile to vigorously wash our hands after we touch anything in our sight and use the hand-sanitizer that dissolves most of the germs that we can encounter. 

Researching the best commercial disinfectant sellers can be made simple and affordable with Meadow Hygiene. Take advantage of our surface disinfectant free delivery over orders of $49 to increase your free time and not worry about breaking the bank. We sometimes find ourselves in a whirlwind of choosing between alcohol-based versus alcohol-free hand sanitizers.

Alcohol-based sanitizers are constantly endorsed by the FDA, CDC and WHO because it is the second most effective way to kill harmful germs after vigorous hand washing. Looking to buy commercial skin sanitizers for hospitals? It’s time to turn to a trusted commercial disinfectant and sanitizer supplier in Canada; Meadow Hygiene! 

Hand sanitizers and hand sanitizing stations have been increasingly more prominent in the course of the last year, and with an ongoing pandemic, choosing the best sanitizer has been a top priority. The ongoing debate of choosing an alcohol-based sanitizer versus alcohol-free sanitizer has been repeatedly questioned so let’s set the record straight: alcohol-based sanitizers are more effective than alcohol-free sanitizers.



Alcohol-Based Sanitizers Are Recommended By Health Canada

Alcohol-based sanitizers are categorized if they contain one of two ingredients; they either contain alcohol or isopropanol. These ingredients rapidly kill germs and bacteria, though highly flammable because of the concentration. Alcohol-based sanitizers are usually gels and have anywhere from 60-%-95% alcohol to kill even the most stubborn germs; alcohol-free sanitizers usually come in the form of foam and are less effective. 

Meadow Hygiene ensures the best products for the most efficient bacteria-killing results with products such as Fungicide and Virucide.



The Most Efficient Disinfectant on the Market

Though alcohol-based sanitizers are much more efficient in killing bacteria, they are much more harsher on the surface of your skin; the high concentration of alcohol and isopropanol can irritate your skin and cause dryness. Where the alcohol-free sanitizing gel is much less harsher on your skin, it is also much less effective in the fight against germs. 

On average, alcohol-based sanitizing gels and disinfectants kill 99.9% of germs, whereas non-alcoholic sanitizing foams kill 99% and do not kill the same amount of germs and bacteria.

Alcohol-based disinfectants such as Hard Surface Commercial Disinfectant combats the coronavirus head on so that you don’t have to keep worrying about ingesting harmful bacteria. Pocket sized sanitizers are the most rapid and effective way to fight every-day germs and Meadow Hygiene has made them quite affordable at 2 500ml bottles for $14.50. 



Turn to Trusted Commercial Sanitizer and Disinfectant Suppliers

The average person touches their face 23 times a day and at Meadow Hygiene, we are committed to wipe out the germs on your hands before it ever reaches your face.

We pride ourselves in keeping Canada safe and healthy throughout the pandemic by creating the best alcohol-based sanitizers composed of cosmetic grade with a 3% Hydrogen Peroxide base that ensures 99.9% of germs are killed. 

Meadow Hygiene understands the importance of manufacturing industry-leading disinfectants without breaking the bank. With free delivery in Canada and guaranteed 3 day shipping, Meadow Hygiene keeps you and your loved ones germ-free during COVID-19. 



Sanitizer and Disinfectant Express Free Delivery for Orders Over $49!

COVID-19 doesn’t take a break and neither does Meadow Hygiene. We are continually developing the best alcohol-based disinfectants and sanitizers to keep you safe during the ongoing pandemic. 

Meadow Hygiene has provided you and your family with the best alcohol-based disinfectants in the industry, and has ensured larger institutions like schools, hospitals, warehouses and offices have been properly equipped to endure the coronavirus in the most efficient way possible. 

Start shielding yourself from COVID-19 and call us at 604-946-7626

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