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Coronavirus isn't out of our lives just let, potentially until a vaccine is reached everyone will have to continue staying on guard and protecting themselves. But as a business owner this can be hard, let your employees work from home or risk infections by opening up the office again?


With Meadow Hygiene we can help you feel more comfortable in your decision to bring people back in. We are trusted commercial skin sanitizer suppliers, providing high-quality products so that your skin can breathe easy. Buy our hard surface disinfectant in BC, ON, AB  and across Canada today to see what you're missing out on and just how clean your space can be!

What Can Your Commercial Disinfectants Do For Me?

Meadow Hygiene makes sure to only carry the best cleaners that breakthrough any tough issue you might have. Our products are Health Canada Approved and carries a DIN # of 02499002, perfect for you and your business. 

Our cleaners use hydrogen peroxide which is a natural, versatile, and cost-effective solution that can help to erase COVID from your life and office. Being close to water chemically, it is a perfect fit for more sensitive applications such as on equipment and industrial products. Ensuring a clean area without any potentially harmful or toxic chemicals. 


Because our cleaners are an option for more sensitive environments and areas this lets our cleaners be able to be used no matter where you are or what your focus is, no matter if it is an office, healthcare facility, school, or more.

Benefits Of Meadow Hygiene Disinfectants

Meadow Hygiene makes sure to provide you with disinfectants that are incredibly effective; cleaning, disinfecting, and deodorizing many surfaces, being hospital-grade that can protect you from COVID.

Because our products are peroxide-based it is also gentle on surfaces, which makes it a fantastic decision for more sensitive things when you are cleaning. COVID can stick to any surface and material and, especially with equipment, sometimes your most sensitive surfaces need the most attention because it is used so frequently.


As previously mentioned, our peroxide-based disinfectants are fully nontoxic to the environment, material, and people using it, avoiding any damage to both your employees or customers and also your tools and equipment.

Why Buy From Meadow Hygiene?

Meadow Hygiene is a Canadian-made and run company that is proud of our products, manufacturing both quality commercial disinfectants and hand sanitizers. Using hospital-grade quality products we help you clean out coronavirus from your space, no matter if it's schools, restaurants, public buildings, hospitals, offices, or more.


Our cleaners are here to help you, killing 99.9% of all viruses and germs, without ever drying out your skin. Our disinfectant is certified by Health Canada killing Coronavirus, H1N1, along with flu viruses, moulds, fungi, bacteria, and germs.

Get Hospital Grade Cleaning Solutions With Meadow Hygiene

It's time to take control of COVID today and be confident in your space and place of business once more. Using the right cleaner is not only good for you and your employees but the tools themselves, any customers or clients working with you, and everyone else.


We all know how one single case can accidentally explode into multiple, infecting not only employees but family and friends along the way. Stop that explosion before it even ignites and start cleaning with Meadow Hygiene.

Reach out today to learn more about our commercial disinfectant and our special Canadian only shipping deal right now.  We have free express shipping for orders over $49 with our products arriving in 3 days! Talk to us today at 1-800-663-5690.


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