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The pandemic has changed much of the way we live and operate. All over, we’re seeing new hygiene protocols being put into place to protect the safety of employees, staff, students, commuters, pedestrians and more. 

The key to safety during this time is simple. Invest in the right commercial cleaning supplies for your premises. Quality products help you cut costs and do the heavy lifting for you while you are free to focus on running your business. 

Meadow Hygiene products were created with this express purpose in mind; to give you peace of mind and make cleaning a breeze. 

We realize that money is tight at a time like this which is why our inventory has very cost-effective products, with the option of free delivery on commercial disinfectants and commercial skin sanitizers across Canada. Ask about our free express delivery for orders over $49. 

Hospital Grade Commercial Disinfectants Are Extremely Versatile

Unlike regular disinfectants, hospital-grade disinfectants are able to thoroughly sanitize surfaces while using far lesser product. This also goes a long way to reduce the risk of viruses and infection. 

Most people assume that these disinfectants are only ideal for medical businesses. In reality, they have become a smart choice for commercial spaces across the spectrum. 

Meadow Hygiene’s disinfectants are Health Canada approved, and specifically designed to kill germs, viruses and bacteria so that you and your staff can rest easy in a safe environment. 

What types of applications are our commercial disinfectants ideal for?

  • Hospitals and medical facilities
  • Nursing homes
  • Hotels and restaurants
  • Industrial food processing units
  • Kennels and veterinarian clinics
  • Retail and commercial spaces
  • Corporate office buildings
  • Public buildings
  • Restrooms

Hospital-grade disinfectants are not only incredibly versatile, they are also perfect for all sorts of surfaces including glass, stainless steel, laminated countertops and more. 

Cut Costs With a Quality Hospital-Grade Commercial Disinfectant

Billions of dollars are spent every year to keep employees safe in commercial spaces. With shoddy products, you’re not quite getting that bang for your buck. 

Since the advent of the pandemic, we’ve seen several fraudulent suppliers crop up, claiming to provide high-quality and 100% effective cleaning products, only for unsuspecting customers to find out that these are diluted, use questionable ingredients and aren’t any more effective than ordinary soap and water. 

It’s time to make smart cleaning choices. Meadow Hygiene offers Health Canada approved disinfectants, priced at extremely reasonable rates, starting at just $20 for 2 hard surface commercial disinfectant bottles (500ml). We also offer great discounts on bulk purchases and refills. 

Meadow’s disinfectants contain QUATS (Quaternary Amine Salts) - chemicals that are commonly found in spays, wipes and other house supplies. These are heavily potent, designed to kill germs. They do double duty, meaning, unlike regular compounds like bleach, QUATs are able to clean and sanitize at the same time. 

Remember, regular cleaners won’t be able to completely eliminate the threat that the coronavirus poses. Aside from kills germs and viruses, hospital-grade cleaners leave all surfaces sparking while also refreshing the entire space. 

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At Meadow Hygiene, it is our mission to ensure you receive the best commercial cleaning products to keep the virus at bay. There’s nothing more important than protecting the health and safety of your employees. 

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